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Wildenstein Castle

Perched on a rock high above the upper reaches of the R. Danube, Wildenstein Castle is the landmark of the community of Leibertingen.

The castle stands on a steep escarpment overlooking the Danube and is one of the best-preserved medieval fortresses in existence.

Wildenstein Castle is said to have been mentioned in a Beuron Monastery yearbook dating from 1077 as marking a boundary of its own lands, though there is no certain proof of this. The origins of the present structure definitely date back to the 13th century, from the end of which the castle was in the possession of the Counts of Zimmern up to the end of the 15th century. It was Gottfried Werner von Zimmern who turned the castle into a fortress.
From 1628 to 1971 the castle belonged to the Princes of Fürstenberg. Between 1744 and 1806 it served as the state prison for the Fürstenberg dynasty.

Since 1971 the castle has been owned by the German Youth Hostels Association and now serves as a youth hostel.

Burg Wildenstein
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Ausblick vom Brandfelsen auf die Burg Wildenstein
Burg Wildenstein
Burg Wildenstein