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Thursday, 24.06.2021 / 08:07

"The Corner of Genius"?! – On the Trail of Exceptional Characters

"Willkommen im badischen Geniewinkel" ("Welcome to Baden's Corner of Genius" is written on the signs at the entrance to the town and in Messkirch's brochures – and without a doubt Messkirch's past brought forth a great many characters who are remembered for their outstanding achievements. This circular walk through Messkirch, which includes the Museum of Local History and the Heidegger Museum, tells of such people and gives an impression of their lives and work.

        Conradin Kreutzer                Prof. Dr. Martin Heidegger                 Abraham a Sancta Clara

Among other things we learn how Katharina von Zimmern kept her head in a situation where others might well have lost their nerve. At the birthplace of the composer Conradin Kreutzer we'll listen to part of his "Messkirch Mass". The relics in the church reflect the motives and character of Froben Ferdinand von Fürstenberg. Texts by Heidegger and Abraham a Sancta Clara demonstrate the powerful rhetoric and down-to-earth attitudes of their authors. On our walk through the town we'll trace the footsteps of these and other remarkable personages. Naturally it's up to you to decide which of them can truly claim to be a "genius"...

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