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Journey back through time to the Middle Ages

A project that began 1200 years ago…

Just a few strikes with the firesteel, and the blacksmith's fire is kindled and begins to crackle softly. The bellows fan more life into the flames, and another day of work has begun in the monastery town of "Campus Galli". At the other end of the site, the carpenter takes up his axe, its familiar haft nestling into his hand.

Day by day, using only Early Medieval tools and materials, work progresses on the monastery complex based on the "Monastery Plan of St. Gall", drawn up 1200 years ago by monks on the island of Reichenau. "Campus Galli" is a unique project that is recreating the age of Charlemagne as a visible and tangible experience in the present day!

"Campus Galli" is at the same time an open-air museum and a research project, because daily confrontations with the medieval lifestyle constantly pose new problems: what did barns look like in the Early Middle Ages; what's the best way to split shingles and mix mortar? How much wood is needed to fire a medieval kiln; which vegetables were known here in those times? Each day brings new challenges; each day is different from the previous one in the monastery town of "Campus Galli", the unique medieval building site near Messkirch, between the Danube and Lake Constance.

Five years on, the artisans have adapted to the daily routine of the Middle Ages. This year many long timbers will be required for the building of the large barn, each beam crafted by hand from the trunk of an oak or spruce tree. This will be the largest building to date on the medieval construction site.

Behind the marketplace stands the wooden church with its cloister and the beautiful choir screen in its interior. Next to it in the wooden bell tower is the bronze bell that was cast on the site and summons the workers to their midday meal. While the potters and joiners, gardener and seamstress and all the other craftsmen and -women take their well-earned break, visitors can likewise fortify themselves with a bowl of lentil stew, "Dennetle" (the local tarte flambée) or a tasty sausage.

"Campus Galli", the medieval construction site, is open to visitors from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday to Sunday, between 2nd April and 3rd November 2019.

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